Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga


>Saturday Session Workshops

Announcing occasional workshop classes to help coach you through various elements of yoga or it’s aligned health practices. These workshops should allow you to go in deeper with your practice, to reveal or show more and to help you understand more about the way you move, think and feel. Check out this post for details. And book in!


>Josh Coleman
Space Holding Workshop and
Presencing Meditation

Sunday 29th September
2:00 – 4:00pm

“What is Space Holding?
Josh Coleman is coming to New Zealand to do a workshop on what it means to listen to another without trying to ‘save’ them. When we become space inside, we can actively listen without making it about us rather than the person we are hearing.

When done as an artful skill, this can create space for the person we are listening to to go through a transformation. The attention we give becomes a mutualable space that allows for unfoldment. Come check it out for yourself!”

Please go to this post on Facebook for more information including booking info.


>Yoga Garden
Ashram Weekend Taranaki

Friday 18 – Sunday 20 OCTOBER

Ayoga and gardening weekend in Taranaki at Sun Salute member Kim Robson’s new home.
This weekend will be for those seeking the soul enriching experience of working in the name of service and enjoying a bit of outside time, yoga practice and communal food prep! Check out this post for details and please email Kim if you are interested.
Kim and Katie.