Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga


Sunsalute Timetable 1240w JUL2018

NB: LAST CLASSES FOR THE YEAR: SATURDAY 15 DECEMBER. (Starting back in 2019 with a limited timetable January 9)

Ashtanga Beginners please text or email first and consider these options:

  • Intro to Ashtanga Course. Be coached through the fundamentals of the practice with other beginners in 2 two hour classes on a Saturday and Sunday. Details here in this post. Bookings essential.
  • NB: The 7:15 – 8:30pm Tuesday night Ashtanga beginners class has been cancelled.
  • Start coming consistently to Mysore classes and slowly be taught the sequence one on one in a class room of practitioners of varying levels from novice to advanced.
  • Hatha Beginners can come along to any of the Hatha classes at any time.
  • Kata’s Thursday evening class is now taken by Rose de Ronde. And the YIN class Sundays’ is conducted by Jerrica Ang.

Ashtanga – Mysore – Traditional self-practice. Also makes reference to how Ashtanga yoga is taught at it’s official institute in Mysore, South India. At the Yoga Institute there students were always taught ‘one on one’. These days we still adhere to that, though we can do this within a group setting. The class is generally ‘open’ for 2 hours. Come and start the within the first 50 minutes of start time. You practice as long as you can depending on what the teacher states, your energy level and the sequence you’ve learnt so far. Beginners and advanced practitioners work alongside one another and the teacher convenes the space visiting each individual as necessary. Expect physical, kinesthetic adjustments in a Mysore class. You may come to this class as a recent beginner at the start of the class. Read more about Ashtanga Yoga in the information pages

Ashtanga – Led – In this class we run through the sequence in unison ‘led’ or ‘talked-through’ by the teacher. It’s a class suitable for those who have a good level of fitness and mobility as it runs consistently without stops. Those keen to have more verbal, technical, general instruction may find this helpful. Very useful to attend a ‘led’ class now and again to bolster your self-practice classes.

Ashtanga – Express-Just enough time to feel the effects of the practice, to stretch out, strengthen and release. While people new to Ashtanga are welcome reasonable mobility is essential, as the sun salutes and standing poses can be challenging.

Ashtanga – Self-practice-You’ll need some experience with Ashtanga as you’ll manage the practice yourself. Can be enjoyable to just get to work on your practice on your own though. Do as much as you’d like within the time frame and leave when you’re done. Maintain silence in the room please. No teacher present in this session.

Hatha – these classes are often given in a slow and steady manner, tailored to the needs of the classes. The postures and breath work are all give to assist in mindfulness and peace and better breathing. A Hatha class at Sun Salute may also involve strength based asana, gentle poses, stretching, balancing, chanting, mudra work, self evaluation, meditation and good rest. While you will move your body, (making shapes, moving from the knees, to standing and down to the floor) there is a contemplative and gentle element to these classes which make them accessible to most people. You may come to these classes as a complete beginner.

Kids – Postures to bring strength, flexibility and balance. Breathing exercises and sitting quietly to aid meditation and mindfulness. Concepts like positive affirmations, listening in, gratitude and health are peppered through. The classes are generally up beat and light of heart.

YIN –Fewer postures held for a longer period of time, deeply working on the body at subtle levels. Restful and very relaxing, you may also be surprised how deeply you’ve accessed held tension and tightness.

Family Yoga-Mums n Bubs – suitable for Mums returning to yoga with their little ones in tow. Grandparents and siblings welcome. The class is relaxed and fairly loose. Kids rule! Children are given space to roam and things to play with. We are lucky also to have Carol Huddleston, yoga practitioner and ex-teacher along to entertain the littlies with craft work and care while Mum’s can get down to their practice with a little peace!