Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga

Gentle Movement & Focused Thinking Discussion with Rosie

Give yourself the gift of some gentle movement and inspirational conversation about creating inner harmony. Beled through some mindful movement followed by the discussion of collective wisdom, ideas and experiences.

9.30am gentle mindful movement
10.00 – 11.45am morning tea & discussion

Everyone is welcome.
Please bring a small contribution to morning tea. Drinks will be provided.

RSVP Rosie (details below)

Upcoming workshops:

Sunday 17 July Meeting your spiritual needs

Sunday 14 August Being the Change You Want

Sunday 18 September Did I REALLY listen?

October & November dates and topics to be set

Other topics:

Shifting habit energy: choosing helpful and unhelpful habits
Living with grief; finding peace with grief
Listening with awareness and love; setting your agenda aside to really hear the other person
Asking empowering questions; finding ways to support others
The power of win/win solutions; the art of collaboration
Busyness – how to find the time for the things that nourish us.

You are invited to put forward your idea for topics you’d like to see discussed.If you want to explore issues privately, Rosie offers professional consultation and you can make a booking directly with her.
Life Coach and Group Facilitator
021 253 6693
07 824 1880

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