Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga

Classes resume at the Studio

Dear folks,

As of this Wednesday 8th September we will be able to conduct classes again in-studio. It will be so lovely to see you.

I’ve amended the timetable, please go ahead and book on-line. And, if you would, consider the following points:

1. Tomorrow we will go in and mark out the studio with the 2m distance consideration. This number I’m thinking may be around 12. It will be vital to book a spot in class via the timetable on-line. The class numbers will be counted on the system and the class will close when it reaches maximum numbers! There’ll be a wait-list, so if you book and then realise you can’t make it, please cancel! Or email me to do so. Very important.

2. You’ll see that all MYSORE classes for this week and part of next will run as no-teacher-present SELF-PRACTICE.

3. Victoria’s 10:45am class may go ahead this Wednesday. I’ll confirm tomorrow.

4. MOST classes will also be Zoomable. You can stay home in the comfort of your lounge rooms and zoom in!

5. Not ALL classes are back yet. Sorry to say. We’ll get there! 

6. Note: Holly is taking a Flow class this Friday. In-studio only.

>>>>>> Lastly:
> Good hand washing hygiene + use of sanitizer will be expected. 
> As will be the considerations n restrictions of keeping physical distance from one another.
> AND signing in using the QR code (even though you sign in with PP, still scan the code). As you know these elements are now fully expected. 
> Please wear your mask to yoga. We are not expected to wear them IN class – so, please still have one and use it judiciously in and around the centre.

heaps of aroha!

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