Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga

End of Year Xmas Classes

Thank you everyone for another steady and successful year of yoga practice – many hours of toil and surrender, stretching and sighing your way into shape physically and mentally. It’s a vast sea out there, I hope our studio has offered you a little island of hope and support from which to spring.

It is an honour to provide a space for you.

Rest well over the holidays, enjoy the many hours of sun, sea and mountains surely on it’s way to you one way or another. And if you have to work for much of it — I’m right there with you! January is a busy month of vegetarian catering for me out at the meditation retreat Waitetuna. My teaching duties will be a little restricted therefore at the studio, but look out for some of your favourite classes being back on track from January 13th. The January timetable is now up.¬†Expect the full timetable running by February.

Warmly, sincerely, Namaste.

Classes finish this year as follows:

Tony’s 7:30 Hatha Wednesday – finished 29 Nov
Kids classes (x 3) – finished 5 Dec
Friday classes (x2) – finishes 6 Dec
Wednesday 5:30 Hatha – finishes 11 Dec
Amanda’s 10:15 Hatha Thursday – finishes 12 Dec
Lunch time 12:05 classes – finishes 12 Dec
Monday 10:15 Hatha, 5:00 Mysore and 7:30 Hatha – finish 16 Dec
Tuesday 6pm Ashtanga – finishes 17 Dec
Thursday 5:00 Ashtanga – finishes 18 Dec
Saturday 8am Ashtanga – finishes 21 Dec


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