Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga

Frolicsome Enthusiasm

So lovely to further uplift the place with some Ashtanga yoga on Saturday morning.  Twenty five people attended the free opening class at 8am – thank you for coming.  It was not super early – but it was quite early. Could this be the sign of things to come? There are a few of us stalwart crew who regularly practice at 6am, could there be a whole lot more interested early morning yogis out there?

It has been said that one should practice yoga either at sunrise or sunset.  For those of you who have experienced doing or being at dawn or pre-dawn you will know it is a special time. It can be peaceful and spacious and it’s free from the the thrum and hum of the full blown day.  I find I am clearer thinking and could easily read intensely without feeling distracted if it weren’t for my commitment to get to practice (sometimes my book and cuppa tea win over to tell the truth). An early morning practice feels sacred to me perhaps because of the aforementioned, the candle light seems more special, the quiet few words you might exchange often whispered and the subdued tone of the room makes you feel present. There is more head and heart space, it somehow feels right to practice at dawn. Also, you get to feel awfully smug that you have ‘done’ your work, the day is set up.  I like what David Coulter has to say in his book ‘Anatomy of Hatha Yoga’ Under the chapter of Basic Premises in which there are many thought provoking sub titles such as; Focus Your Attention, Be Aware of Your Breath, Build Foundations and Honor the Suggestions of Pain he says under Cultivate Regularity, Enthusiasm, and Caution:

Try to practice at the same time and in the same place every day.  Such habits will make it easier to analyse day to day changes. Mornings are best for improving health – stiffness in the early mornings tells you where you need the most careful work and attention. Later in the day, you lose that sensitivity and incur the risk of injury. Cultivate a frolicsome enthusiasm in the morning to counter stiffness, and cautiousness in the evening to avoid hurting yourself. And at any time, if you start feeling uncommonly strong, flexible, and frisky, be careful.

I’m looking forward to practicing in the morning at the Grey St Studio.  If I’m not teaching I’ll be there on my mat beside you. Peter gives a lovely class, come along – first thing Monday morning 6am. Practice done – then it’s off to work you go.

If you have any concerns or questions about attending an early morning session, get in touch I’d be happy to chat with you.


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