Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga

Happy Birthday!

We’ve come a long way since we opened our doors on July 16 2011.  Thank you so much for supporting us over this year.  Without your participation in class our studio would not exist.  We’ve notice more people coming along to the self-directed style of traditional Mysore classes which by all means requires grit and determination and a certain going-it-alone attitude. Hope you know we’re always there for you though, no-one goes unnoticed to us, you are all special.  The Hatha classes have there own thing going on and I love that. I sometimes feel we discover things together, I’m learning too, with you.  Wonderful to see the tight knit group developing for the lunch time warriors.  If you’ve got the time of day – what a great time to practice!

So here I must say a huge and heartfelt thanks and love to Peter McNaughton for managing, guiding and directing so much at Sun Salute.  Not only do we love your classes Peter we also love your style.  Thank you for begin a part of Sun Salute and bringing your own special ways and kind and thoughtful teaching.  And as for your own steely and pure practice  – you inspire us immensely.

My thanks to Dee Lilly.  Dee your delightful enthusiasm has infected many with the desire to keep on coming and I am very impressed and thankful for that.  Your extra little things you do I always appreciate and you have been great to work with.  Thank you for balancing all your other pursuits and commitments with teaching at Sun Salute.

New teacher to Sun Salute, Tony ter Ellen will be introduced to you very shortly.  And you can come to his new class Wednesdays 7:30 – 9pm from 1st August.  Very exciting.

A gracious bow to you all.
Namaste, Namaste and more,


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