Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga

Consultation and Meditation Room

Presently the Health Practitioners hiring the space are as follows.Please contact each directly to book your treatment.


Zaiton Rahim– Massage Therapist
022 044 7218 /

I am passionate about massage treatment and draw much inspiration from my Malaysian heritage. I grew up with massage as a common place daily treatment, my Grandmother often prescribing and administering massage for any/all ailments. I learnt a lot from her. I am most curious about original and ancient forms of massage technique and some day I’d like to travel the world in search of these. I treat the young to the elderly and I welcome your enquiry.


Oliver Russell – Osteopath
07 853 9699 /

The Osteopathic Clinic is a centre set up and run by osteopaths to promote osteopathy to the medical community and the general public and to ensure osteopathic excellence in New Zealand. We want to give you the best treatment you can get. We use gentle non invasive techniques to help you get better quicker. From new borns to elite athletes and the wise we can help achieve better health and function.


Sabine de Leeuw – Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher
022 010 8994 /
First I listen to what your needs and wishes are at the time, whether it is to ease muscle soreness, increase mobility and fluidity of movement, relieve stress and tension or to purely refresh. Then using a variety of styles and strokes, from gentle to more deep and firm, I tailor the massage to encourage your wonderful body to restore to natural balance. My experience ranges from relaxation massage to massage for the NRL referees and professional rugby players.
Kymmie Spry – Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher

Kim graduated from anAdvanced Diploma in Neuromuscular Therapy and a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage Therapy from The New Zealand College of Massage in 2004. For five years she travelled the world as the massage therapist for the US reality show Survivor. On set she looked after the health and well-being of the few hundred crew working behind the scenes.

She then went on to spend four years in Australia working alongside a practitioner who specialised in rehab and high performance athletes.Kims approach is in-depth, holistic and multifaceted. Her clients are supported in mind, body and soul.
Her massages incorporate a variety of manual soft tissue techniques. Each is tailored towards the individual needs of every client. A lover of essential oils, she also offers this powerful, yet gentle, modality in her treatments.Most recently she became a certified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher.Kim feels blessed to be back home and feels honoured to be of service to the community.
Rosie Bentley – Life Coach

I believe that people are the experts in their lives and know themselves better than anyone else does. That sounds to be stating the obvious but often unsolicited advice or information is given, not trusting that the person can figure things out for themselves if given Focused Listening and Time to Think. As a coach I listen and ask strategic questions to enable you to make conscious choices.


Kata Bagyon-Parker – Massage Therapist and Yoga teacher
021 156 3393 /
Relaxing massage born of Dance Massage, Swedish Massage and Reiki, combining music and rhythm into a flow of energy and touch. Like a warm, soothing wave rocking and supporting body, mind and spirit.