Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga

Practicing like Peter Sanson

Our studio is very much ‘liked’, (and not just in the Face Book way) certainly by all the out-of-town visitors who came to Peter Sanson’s workshop in February and also by Peter. It looks like we will see Peter come to Sun Salute every February, which is just fantastic.

Peter has always come regularly to Hamilton over the years, encouraged by his friend and student Peter McNaughton (yes, our Peter) but for a year or two there was a lull…..but it seems we’re back on track. We have the space to accommodate the numbers – 45 people a morning churning through their practice, some waiting on the sidelines some lucky enough to have a 1/2 square meter to themselves in which to breathe, sweat and bend and bow low to the ground.

Peter attracts many dedicated (serious) practitioners from far and wide where ever he is. It’s a great opportunity to experience this and be amongst them. And he has spent many many years learning the original way of this practice under the watchful eye of our late Guruji; Sri K Patabois Jois. As students of this practice it is provident of us to endeavour to study with Peter whenever we can.

Peter generally gives a talk at his workshops and very often the following theme comes up:  to practice a little, very regularly. Perhaps 5 or 6 days a week lay out your mat and stand with attention at Samastihihi and resolve to move steadily and mindfully through one Sun Salute A…..and from there, if possible, another one….and then if your energy allows, another one. And from there let the practice unfold, listening to your breath and keeping a steady gaze…..As Peter says, In this way, we practice.

Ashtanga yoga is a practice of mindfulness, of being present with what is arising (as all yoga practice is). It just happens to be a very gritty and physically challenging pursuit! But a little at a time. So, in this way, we practice.

The studio is always here for you, steady, quiet, clean in which to work either in a class or a self-practice session (or even upon arrangement, at another time suited to you). We will welcome you warmly with a little encouragement here and there….and as Guruji would say (pre Nike days of course) ‘You do!”

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