Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga

Welcome Back to classes 2020

A warm welcome everyone. And welcome to any new comers thinking of exploring yoga as a health and healing modality. Group classes commence back slowly on Monday January 13th.

This year we have a new time for the Sunday Yin class: 10:30am – 12:00pm (please note there was an initial change to 11am, but it is definitely 10:30am now).

The mid morning classes through the week have been streamlined a little. All classes will start at 9:15am with the exception of Monday remaining at 10:15am.

There is a new early bird Ashtanga LED class on a Tuesday 6:15am start! Get yourself moving!

This year we will have a Pregnancy Yoga class on a Tuesday night at 7:15pm, this commences in February.

Beginners to a general gentle format of yoga (Hatha) may commence at any stage. There will be opportunity to explore yoga philosophy and also Ashtanga commencing in February. Please stay tuned.

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