Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga


Katie Deare

Katie has run Sun Salute Yoga since February 2007, where she started with classes at a church hall in Hamilton East. Ashtanga Yoga has been a part of her life since 2006, in that year she completed a A200 certificate course at the Yoga Academy in Auckland. She has brought in Viniyoga principles to her practice since 2012 beginning studies with the Dr Kausthub Desikachar. Since 2020 Katie has embarked on a 3 year Yoga Therapy and one year Vedic Chanting teacher training with the KHYF in Chennai, India.

‘I grew up with ballet and loved the movement discipline, the dedication, the artistry and the music. I found yoga in the early 90’s as a young adult studying dance in Melbourne. For about 10 years I taught a ‘my version’ of yoga from books and occasional classes I’d attend, which I then delivered to my fellow villagers in the mountains of Nth East Victoria, Australia, where I lived. I have been teaching and practicing Ashtanga yoga, Viniyoga and other forms for a further 12 years now. I find yoga practice to somehow ground, sustain and to light the way, no matter what life brings.’

Victoria West

“Interested in higher functions of human potential and healing, I began to gravitate towards the practice of yoga in my mid-teens. After experiencing classes of varying nature, I found a lineage of Hatha Yoga that most resonated for me. Deepening my understanding through further practice in my early twenties, my then teacher, offered for me to start leading classes. This opened an unexpected door to begin sharing as my practice and experience continues to evolve. Ten years later and I feel blessed to still be sharing from the well of my love for Yoga”.
BSocSc M Psyc. IR & HR

Kata Bagyon-Parker

Kata has her dancing and movement experience and passion as well as overseas techniques for pelvic and pelvic floor fitness and hormonal balancing brought with her from Hungary. She has been teaching these techniques in NZ since 2011, while practicing and studying yoga and integrating more and more of it into her programs. Finally she became a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor in 2014 and now is happy to practice and teach traditional yoga as well as to play with fusing different styles to find new ways to explore and enjoy body and mind.

Sabine de Leuuw

Sabine is a dedicated and experienced yoga teacher and professional massage therapist. She has spent many years immersed in the teachings of Tibetan spiritual studies and yoga living in India and Europe for two decades. She is passionate about movement, physical vitality and wellbeing and remains a commited and active member of her spiritual sangha in India. Sabine grew up in Hamilton and has brought a wealth of knowledge and study with her back to her home town and also to the team at Sun Salute.

Kasha Latimer

“Yoga is like a best buddy – it goes with me everywhere and has taught me so much. initially, I was drawn to yoga for mental and physical ‘space’ at the peak of an intense period at uni and the gym. In 2006, after years teaching fitness and pilates, I started teaching yoga. Now, I really lean into the ‘slow down and tune in’ element of yoga. I trained mostly with Ashram Yoga (500hr) and teach Hatha style with a personal interest in restorative yoga, myofascia, and exploring nervous system responses, fatigue and chronic pain. I’m so grateful to have yoga in my life and love the constant learning about the techniques and about myself”.

Dee Lilly

Dee also has studied at the Ashtanga Yoga at the Yoga Academy in Auckland and holds a YA200 certificate in teaching. She lives in Raglan and has facilitated yoga classes there. She has pursued Power Living Yoga and Yin yoga and teachers both at Abundance yoga studio in Hamilton for whom she is the yoga studio manager and has been since 2011.  She is also a dedicated and experienced horse owner and handler and as of 2021, a Vet Nurse graduate.

Karyn Larkin

Karyn has been a member of Sun Salute for a few years now and has been a yoga teacherfor many more years. I’m so pleased she has jumped at the chance to offer a few classes via zoom. We are very grateful … I get lots of lovely comments. Here’s a few right here:

From Carine: A very lovely energy was brought to the class. A lot of self awareness making the poses (asanas) very powerful and meaningful, a lovely flow from one asana to another. Looking forward to having more classes with her! Left feeling very relaxed and uplifted!

From Maureen: I would say with very clear and concise explanations and directions Karen took us through exercises from our necks to our toes. We knew that all our body had been given a thorough workout. You did not feel in any way exhausted but knew your body had been “covered”.