Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga


Peter Sanson Workshop JULY 2021

We are very excited to announce Peter Sanson is coming to Sun Salute as our guest in the Guru Purnima celebration and that he will give a 3 class workshop. Please book in now.

Friday 23rd
LED class 5:30pm start

Saturday 24th
MYSORE class 8am – 9:30am start times
Guru Purnima celebration
2:00 – 5:00pm

Sunday 25th
MYSORE class 8am – 9:30am start times

Book HERE.
Pay for classes in cash or via transfer on the day.

$30 per class.

Kasha’s Workshops 2021

w Kasha Latimer
7:30 – 9:00pm

19 Feb
18 Jun The Solstice Big Chill
20 Aug
3 Dec
– book directly with Kasha:

Roll on Fridays
w Kasha Latimer
7:30 – 9:00pm

19 Mar
16 Apr
14 May

23 July Roll n Yin – date change: 16 JULY
17 Sep
15 Oct
12 Nov
– book directly with Kasha:

SATURDAY SESSIONS – Master Classes 2021

Saturday afternoon workshops are with Sun Salute teachers or other Hamilton professionals. They are an opportunity to expand your knowledge of the body and mind and to aid you on your yoga journey.

Selected Saturdays
1 – 3pm
(pre book and pay on our Booking page)

With Kasha Latimer:

>>>> Yoga for Gardeners  Saturday 18 SEPTEMBER with Kasha
Both yoga and gardening are nourishing practices & many of us would like more time for each! Let’s consider how one can support the other. For example what yoga poses could help you feel stronger, more agile & pain free in the garden? We’ll workshop poses for before, during and after garden time. Likewise, can you translate the care, support & nourishment you give your garden to your yoga practice? Is there a delicious cross over where both joys come together? Pranayama, meditation or asana in your literal or imagined yoga space?  
We’ll workshop a range of yoga tools like asana, pranayama & meditation for use before, during & after garden time. Come away with ideas for practices you can do at home that can enhance both your gardening and your yoga practice.  

Two hours and two of my great joys in life – I’m excited to share some garden friendly yoga practice with you!

>>>> Yoga for Fatigue – Saturday 6 NOVEMBER with Kasha
Join Kasha for hatha yoga practice & discussion, informed by her own journey with chronic fatigue & explore which of these tools may work for you.  
You’ll learn easy 2-20min practices you can do at home and come away with notes to help this.
Discussion is encouraged along the way so we can help you explore which practices may work best for you, as well as different ways to do them.

>>>> Yoga for your desk job – (New date for this coming soon after the success of the May session) with Kasha
Need to sit a lot? Sitting related aches & stiffness? Feeling a mind-body dischord?
Learn to play with how yoga can help you build a positive relationship with your desk long term. We’ll work on developing a centered, embodied sense of being as well as learning corrective postural exercises.Some activities will be done in a chair (imitating your desk / chair time), & others standing or lying. Rather than a continuous class with one person doing all the talking, we’ll do mini classes & have time for discussion. The corrective exercise component will include activities for fingers, wrists, shoulders, neck, back, eyes, core, hips & bottom!

Come for an experience to reconsider life at your desk and learn activities to build into your everyday (with notes to take home). Let’s aim to feel more human than chair shaped!

>Yoga for Gardeners  18th Sep

Please email to book or go to the Booking timetable and book directly.