Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga

May 14, 2020

Welcome back from ISO

Hello everyone

Welcome back to Lovegrove Lane and welcomeback to our shala. It will be wonderful to see you again!

We’re zooming as usual today however – no *in-studio* classes today or tomorrow. A few things to set in place yet!

Our FIRST in-studio class will be Jerrica’s Yin session this Sunday.

As you enter the studio please would you observe the physical distancing we have come to know now – as best you can. In the practice space, there’ll be room and space to enable this, but as you move around the lounge and communing areas it may be a little harder. Please would you be vigilant about thoroughly washing your hands while there. Our duty of care to observe the rules, to ensure contact tracing is important.There may be a few hugs! I’ve got the feeling, but they’ll be with consent! Of course 🙂

  • Contact tracing will be in place by the fact that ALL classes MUST be booked on-line – via the timetable. This will be new for most of us! But we do have to do it at the moment.
  • There will be only 10 bookings per in-studio class. The on-line system stops bookings at ten.
  • There can be unlimited bookings per on-line zoom classes
  • If you are feeling a little unwell and unsure about attending class at the studio, please choose the Zoom class option.
  • There are now two early morning 75 minute Ashtanga Led practices. These classes are set up so you may leave after 45 mins if you need to get to work or back home.
  • Please bring your own yoga mat and blanket to use. Our yoga mats and blankets will not be in general use.
  • Please bring your own cup or water bottle. Cups n glasses will be put aside for a while.

Bring your whole self to yoga … we’re here for you.

Go lightly everyone.Let’s support one another as we travel into our new normal.

With much love

April 9, 2020

Classes over Easter

Ashtanga led class will be on as planned Good Friday as will the General Hatha class Easter Monday both 10am.
Hope to see you there.


Please would you email me to receive the Meeting ID and password


April 8, 2020

New Beginners Class via Zoom

Hello everyone, please join me if you can for a short introduction to yoga and Ashtanga yoga.

Slow going through the sequence that is Ashtanga yoga, the importance of the 3 components that make up the ‘tristana’ of the practice = ujaii breath, dristhi (steady eye gaze) and asana (yoga pose).

An intro to establishing a home practice suitable for you, and Q n A about yoga in general.

Free of charge.

Please join me in my lounge room via Zoom!
5:30pm Tuesday 14 April

Katie Deare is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Beginners to Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga
Time: Apr 14, 2020 05:30 PM Auckland, Wellington

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 779 318 745
Password: 389174


April 2, 2020

Lockdown Newsletter #1

Hi everyone
Was amazingto see some of you in our first Sun Salute Zoom session. Sorry it was so short … as soon as the session ended the system asked if I wanted to move to the paid ‘pro’ version. It was a Yes from me. So now we are all set up to have longer sessions, as long as we need.

I’d like to commence with these classes starting tomorrow (Friday 3 April).

The Hatha class is suitable for most people, things can be modified using a chair, a table, a couch etc. You might even want to sit some things out.

Absolute beginners to Ashtanga please wait a moment – I will offer a much slower and coached introduction to Ashtanga session very soon.
When you are ready to attend these classes, simply hit the link and that should get you there. You do not need a Zoom account to attend:

Ashtanga-Led class every Friday at 10am – 11:30 (approx)

To join byphone: 09 884 6780
Meeting ID: 516 466 860
Password: 155187

Hatha General class every Monday at 10am- 11:30 (approx)

To join byphone: 09 884 6780
Meeting ID: 330 715 559
Password: 594394



Sun Salute catch-up and group meditation every Wednesday at 4pm

To join byphone: 09 884 6780
Meeting ID: 815 785 224
Password: 368056

I so enjoyed seeing you all yesterday that I think I’d like to do that every week. A kind of news bulletin, catch-up – our virtual coffee shop catch up. You can bring your coffee! And if you are interested you can join in with a partly led meditation and led pranayama breath-work session.
Do the 10am time slots suit you? Please speak up.
Is there any other type of class/session you’d like to see?
I didn’t get to read all of the requests in the ‘comments’ session yesterday. Would you email please with anything specific?
Regarding payment – for the moment, I’d like to offerthese classes for free.It may come to the situation that I will need some extra funds to prop the studio up … I’ll be transparent with you though regarding studio overhead costs, and if they could be met, then that would be great.
A few of you have opted to keep your monthly paid membership going – I am very grateful for that. Thank you so much.
Ashtanga Yogis’ please know that our esteemed and much loved teacher Peter Sanson is giving a led class every Saturday morning at 9am. You need to email Amna to
Our own Sabine is hoping to offer Hatha class to her students. Please stay tuned.
Lastly … this I have talked about before. Our CONNECTORS group. People coming together in the name of kindness to help those out who need it most at this time (at any time), be it with regular friendly phone calls, shopping trips, video calls, drop offs of soup and homemade goodies etc. Also offering some technical help with going on-line if needed, especially for those older (or just less tech-savvy).
If you would like to be a Connector please would you email me with your intent. I am collecting names so we can start planning.
Much love everyone. We are blessed to live in such a wonderful country. Also blessed to practice yoga and have such a wonderful community. And on-line we must go!
PS: next email newsletter: tips and tricks for keeping up a regular solo-home practice. Advice from the experts and the weary.

March 20, 2020

Studio Closure from 21st March

Dear Yoga community

Please note that our studio timetable will close for 2 weeks, starting Saturday 21st March.

In this time we will do a deep clean of our studio and also create a plan for on-going classes. We will also hope to offer some classes while closed via ZOOM. Please look out for notice of these – we don’t want you not practicing! It will be a novel way to keep up your yoga and to feel that you’re a vital part of the community. We will also band together a group of *connectors* who will be available to look out for anyone who is self-isolating, our elderly or anyone needing a little tender loving care at this time.

Looking forward to keeping in contact with you (albeit on-line or by phone for a bit, as I will in isolation myself for 2 weeks, having been in Australia) and also in bringing back classes for you in a mindful and safe way at this rare time.

I would encourage everyone to develop a simple and daily deep, calm breathing and meditation practice. Perhaps this is one of the first things we could share via ZOOM.

Keep things local, enjoy your own home, stay in telephone or on-line contact with friends and family. Commune with nature and live simply. All good things.

Namaste all.