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End of year newsletter

Meri Kirihimete tatoa … Read on to catch up on all the news, thanks and comings up.

The Retreat– This year in early December we had our first 2 night yoga retreat out at Waitetuna Retreat Centre, about 30 minutes away. It was wonderful. There will be more. Please watch the website and our social media channels for news of Yoga Retreats 2023 run by Sun Salute. Excited.

Holiday Timetable– The holiday timetable commences Saturday 24th December and runs through to when we start our regular timetable Tuesday 17th January. Check it out on the timetable now.

Beginners should begin here.- How do you begin yoga? You might start coming to a regular class and quietly keep attending and pick up the nuance of the work slowly over weeks or months. You might come to a course and work with other beginners. If you are interested in the Ashtanga yoga format, it’s often best to do a course first or come to the Mysore classes. Basically it is about slowly rising to the offerings … you won’t get it all straight away. But a yoga practice is named a practice for a reason. It’s something you ‘do’ or experience, something you keep doing on a regular basis. It’s good for you. It helps with digestion on all levels, physically, emotionally and mentally. It helps you to move through things, regulate your nervous system and feel a connection to the greater energy. Check out our website for news of beginners courses 2023 including membership deals.

Mysore style. Mysore classes are an opportunity to work through the Ashtanga practice at your own pace. It’s a work room, quiet, studious and calm (with a few tumbles, human noises and laughs thrown in). It is quite a serious pursuit, but it’s accessible for most and I don’t think there’s too much of a puritanical vibe to our classes, unlike perhaps some places. Don’t be scared. Give them a shot, you’ll be well looked after. Whether you’re new to yoga or not. Early next year there’ll be an intensive of dawn classes to get you in the mood, if you like the sound of that.

Vedic Chanting– I have great pleasure in letting you know both Viniyoga teacher Tina Beckley and myself attended and successfully passed a Vedic Chant Teacher training. This we did on-line via the KHYF (Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation) in Chennai. It was wonderful and we both hope to offer you some opportunities to learn some of these ancient chants in 2023.

Making it through a tough year– I want to thank you all for sticking with us through what was a really tough year. We had good support from the Government in the lockdowns but this year felt like we were out to sea or setting sail again. It was a fiscal decision to let go Hearth Eatery after our landlord put the rent up. I want to thank The Flower Crate for jumping in, taking on a sublease from me and transforming the place into their fabulous space. Numbers in classes have been up and down, but there is a vibrancy and I’m proud and grateful of the exchange and the opportunities that flow.

Our personnel. My gratitude.- In August this year the excellent Aki Innovations commenced a hire of the treatment room at the studio on a permanent basis. They use the room 9 – 3pm mostly occupied by Renee Wood who is a Physiotherapist specialising in Lymphoma treatment for recovering breast cancer patients. I really enjoy Aki’s kaupapa and working with them and we love having Renee’s energy in the space. 

It’s wonderful to have the Kirikiriroa Herb Group at Sun Salute. They have interesting speakers and a beautiful kaupapa of gathering together to learn from each other and to share kai. They meet once a month at the centre. Check out their facebook page.– Zaiton Rahim is back in the hood, offering her incredible massages. Zaiton also teaches massage … if this interests you, please get in touch. Next year Ngaronoa Renata and whanau will offer workshops and courses on Rōngoa, Te Reo and more. Which is so exciting.

To all of our teachers and facilitators, healers and volunteers thank you for your service and your time and energy. Special thanks to Maureen Maclean for always making sure we are adorned with beautiful flowers.

Also thanks to Rachel Hope-Peary for providing soulful pregnancy yoga classes for a time at Sun Salute, offering her time free of charge.

Biggest thanks to Justine Thomas for her care, energy and love she puts into helping me run Sun Salute. Many thanks.

Why practice yoga at Sun Salute? We have a great sense of community. We are serious about our yoga and honour the traditional ways and teachings. We value the many subtle tools that yoga offers: breath work (pranayama), meditation, chanting, lifestyle recommendations + we still love asana, but we are accessible and friendly and you can make your commitment to yoga work in a way that works for YOU. You can be 85 and you’re welcome to Ashtanga, you can be a young male athlete and feel relaxed and settled in a Yin class. The coffee pot is always on, we have a library and a lounge to chill in and there’s often bags and tubs of rhubarb and tangelos and feijoas on offer when in season. There’s tons of interesting workshops that pop up on reiki, cacao, meditation and te ao māori.

Meri Kirihimete tatoa. It is a pleasure to serve you in the name of yoga.

May you come back in 2023 rested and feeling good with the hope of a wonderful year ahead.

Mauri ora,

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