Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga

Saturday Session Workshops

Announcing occasional workshop classes to help coach you through various elements of yoga or it’s aligned health practices. These workshops should allow you to go in deeper with your practice, to reveal or show more and to help you understand more about the way you move, think and feel.


Starting from 1 to 2pm
$25 – 35 per session

Choose a workshop that interests you. Book in by sending an email and pay for it via the studio account provided. Cancellations are allowed with full refund up to 2 days before. Refund will be given if minimum 5 people not met.

Saturday 13 July – Dee
Sustaining Your YogaPractice

1 – 2:30pm
An open discussion on ‘How we practice’. Consistency & Intensity. Injury/fatigue & modifications.
Why do we practice? What motivates us?
How much rest, nutrition, study do you take?
What alternative and supporting practices do you, or would you consider?
Suggested reading- FB pages, printed articles, books
This workshopwill include a 45 minute practice and a closing Yoga Nidra session.
Saturday 27 July – Katie
Revision for Recent Beginners to Ashtanga
2 – 4:30pm

If you have recently done a beginners course in the past 6 months or so or have started slowly with Mysore practice or need a refresher to this beautiful practice book into this study workshop to reacquaint yourself with the fundamentals.

We’ll go through the standing poses, look at the sequencing, how to handle a Mysore class experience and we’ll explore technique in some of the trickier poses with question and answer time.

Not suitable for absolute beginners to the practice.
Saturday 10 August – Rozemarije
Improving your Downward Dog
2 – 4:30pm


Do you ever wonder where to focus on in your Down Dog? Or how your Down Dog looks?

In this workshop well look at the natural curvature and structure of the spine, and how a natural & supportive spine influences the position. You’ll discover where, why and how to stabilise and strengthen your spine.

Expect to get personal hand-on guidance & to work with a partner or group. Its a lot of fun to learn from & help each other to see how you can create a supportive alinement by different adjustments. I always get lots of Aaahs and Ooohs when students see the improvement happening in another students body.


Saturday 02 NOV – Katie
Chanting and Meditation Practice
2 – 3:30pm

Chanting and using Mantra have been used as subtle tools of yoga since the very beginning. Their effects can be powerful, be it cleansing, stilling or stirring.

Come and learn some common or useful chants together and how you might use them in your practice.

Saturday 07 Sept, 05 OCT,07 DEC TBA

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