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Kia ora tatoa,

It’s been awesome having at least 45 new people turn up recently on the ‘one week free yoga pass’. And while it doesn’t bring any dollars in the door straight away, I know that some of them will get bitten by the bug, love the yoga mahi and perhaps sign up as members and keep the place humming.

PS: the next ‘one week free pass’ happens in April.

So, now, I’d like to offer you a new gem available for this week only – you can purchase a 6 month membership for $550 (normally $685)! This deal ends on Sunday March 6th.

Why would you do this? 

  1. To make a commitment to yourself in the name of your mental, physical and spiritual health. 
  2. To ensure that the teachers you love keep giving you great yoga classes and that the place you love keeps coming up with awesome yoga opportunities and ideas around health, culture, community and creativity. 
  3. And, you can ‘bank it’, for up to 3 months (to start no later than June, when this covid cloud may have eased or when your present membership perhaps finishes)

There are currently 17 yoga classes on the timetable per week: every morning at around 9/9:30am and 8 in the evening and a couple during the weekend. Plus 3 x 1/2 hour (free) pranayama and meditation sessions via zoom and 5 x self-practice options at 6am in the morning.

Apparently things change quite a bit when you do 3, 4 or even 5 yoga classes per week. And you may do this with an unlimited full membership such as your 6 month. If you can carve out the time of course. You could even come 7 days a week. Some weeks are like that, they’re more spacious than others.  

You can zoom into almost every class. (So if you do find yourself recovering and resting at home … you can still turn up for a luxurious 9:45am Yin on a Sunday). Or, on a more cheery note, if you were, let’s say, at a cool little bach on Foxton Beach for the week, you could hot-spot off your phone and zoom into class 🙂

Namaste all. Many, many thanks for your continuous involvement, interest and love thus far. Stay safe and well.

From the Sun Salute lounge room, ma te wa.

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