Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga

Welcome 2016

Hi everyone, a warm welcome to Sun Salute at the start of another year. I get a lot of enquiries as soon as the year ticks over about ‘getting back into yoga’ (we might just have to get T shirts made). I love that, it always makes me smile. I like your enthusiasm, and well, you’ve come to the right place.

The January timetable is a little different to the rest of the year. Some of our teachers aren’t back on board yet and some can offer more classes than usual.

Kata is willing and keen to offer some women’s specific ‘dance yoga’, a flow type class to music and also classes with a pelvic floor emphasis. Sounds great for this time of the year. Good body awareness, strength and the joy that music and movement bring.

There will be more Self-practice sessions over January in fact we will start with a week of evening classes all in this style from Monday 11th.

The growing in popularity Kids classes will start back in earnest mid/late February.

Now the biggest news till last, by March we hope to be in the ‘new space’ right next door. We have been planning and planning and the space will not only mean better facilities including showers, a kitchen and even a ‘lounge’ but there’ll also be a dedicated massage room and even a wee shop! It will also mean more classes, a slight fee change (just a little) and more options. We’ll still be sure to keep the same lovely low-key vibe and friendly smiles.

Can’t wait to tell you more, but for now we hope to see you all slowly come back over January to the current space and we’ll get practicing.

I’ll post the January timetable with classes starting Monday 11th shortly, please stay tuned.

Warmly, Namaste

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