Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga

July 6, 2011

Namaste and welcome to Sun Salute

We are dedicated to teaching the art of Ashtanga yoga. Classes are available in traditional Mysore practice and also complimentary Led classes, Hatha yoga classes, meditation sessions and more. We’re based at 3/394 Grey St in the heart of Hamilton East village.

On this Home page you’ll find updates, announcements and general news.

Beginners may come to most classes, but please ring, email or text message first to confirm suitability. You don’t need to do a course to start Ashtanga classes but if you would like to, the next Ashtanga Beginners course starts here.


August 26, 2015

Newsletter September

Dee Yin Yoga

Our Dee is back teaching Yin Yoga Sundays 12 noon – 1:30pm, which means this coming Sunday. There are two Sundays she can’t make, they are: 6th and 12th September. So no Yin on those days. But we will just keep running this very popular class after that (with the occasional cancellation) from there on in….all are welcome, all levels of ability. Dee says, Yin on a Sunday is perfect, it’s very yin.

Afternoons with Rosie

Life Coach and Group Facilitator and Sun Salute yoga practitioner has a whole host of promising talks to offer on a relaxed Saturday afternoon. This is a good chance to meet together, to exchange ideas and listen to philosophical concepts on health and personal growth. The next talk is:

Living with an Attitude of Gratitude
Saturday September 5th
2:00 – 3:30pm
Free of charge

Please email Rosie if you’d like to come
cuppa tea provided

Peter Sanson

Peter Sanson is coming to Sun Salute for the second time this year on the last weekend of September. New practitioners this is a wonderful opportunity to experience the traditional style of teaching (Mysore style) under the watchful eye of our internationally renowned and much loved teacher. There’ll be a long weekend of Mysore classes and Peter will also give us a talk. Book into this iconic and stimulating weekend by emailing me back.

September Friday 25 – Sunday 27

Friday – 5:00 – 6:00pm starts
Saturday – 8:30 – 9:30am starts
Sunday – 8:30 – 9:30am starts

$30 per class, $90 whole workshop.

Ancients Best

We are delighted to bring you an evening talk/workshop on the topic of Ayurveda – The Yoga of Life. Vaidyar Mani of Singapore is touring the country giving talks on the health system of Ayurveda and we have booked him in to visit us. Details:

A Discourse on Ayurveda
Wednesday September 30th 5:30 – 7:45pm (this session will occur instead of the Hatha class on that night)
$35 early bird price
$45 (after Sep 1st)

There will also be an opportunity to book a private consultation for personal pulse diagnosis on the Thursday and Friday following. For more details check out this flyer on our website.

Also make sure you go to the Ancients Best website for some thorough insight on what they offer.

Social September

Folks – it’s time we had a little fun social time together, spring is coming. We are planning a few events – some time in September:

- Friday 4/9 Dinner at The Bananaa Leaf Indian Restaurant.
- Tuesday 15/9 Movie showing at the studio
- Saturday 19/9 Shared Breakfast 10am after morning class.

Stay tuned for details on each, especially the movie night! RSVP if you’d like to come to dinner on the 4th.

Chakra Life

Here comes our annual retreat conducted by Catherine McCarthy and myself. Stay tuned for the beautiful Chakra Life flyer coming your way….This year we are delighted to welcome back Belinda Ehrlenbach and to invite Kata Bagyon-Parker with her special mix of yoga and ‘Health Dance’. Also this year you have the opportunity to be a day visitor.

Thursday October 1st – Sunday 4th

$420 ($380 early bird by 20/9)
$120 – Day visitor.

Vande Gurunam Chant

Most of you will be aware now that we have the a beautiful rendition of the opening chant to Ashtanga yoga practice printed on the wall. This has been expertly produced by my friend Sarah Maxey. Sarah is one of NZ’s preeminent Graphic Artists, follow the link to her website for a look at some of her gorgeous work. A thousand thank you’s Sarah!






August 4, 2015

Afternoons with Rosie

Life Coach and Group Facilitator Rosie Bentley will be giving more free afternoon workshops to explore philosophical themes. Rosie’s talk in June titled, “Does your daily life reflect your core values?” was a success on many levels. It has prompted us to bring you more talks and opportunities for enquiry and growth.

Rosie is delighted to bring you these gatherings free of charge. You can also discuss with her the possibility of booking a professional one-on-one session.

Selected Saturdays
2:00 – 3:30pm
Cuppa tea provided.

Next workshop:

>Saturday 5 September
Does your daily life resonate with gratitude?
As a group you will explore what living with an attitude of gratitude looks like in reality.

Upcoming dates:
> 3 October
> 7 November

Upcoming topics:
“Shifting habit energy: choosing helpful and unhelpful habits”
“Living with grief; finding peace with grief”
“Listening with awareness and love; setting your agenda aside to really hear the other person”
“Asking empowering questions; finding ways to support others”
“The power of win/win solutions; the art of collaboration”

You are invited to put forward your idea for topics you’d like to see discussed.
Please contact the studio if you would like to attend.
You can contact Rosie directly on the details below:
021 253 6693
07 824 1880

July 26, 2015

Vicki Winn – Saturday Talk. Reiki and Healing

Master reiki practitioner, Vicki Winn, is giving a free workshop at Sun Salute Yoga on how we can use techniques that have been around for thousands of years to create healing in our own lives – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Vicki is also a First Light flower essence practitioner, (similar to Bach flower remedies but using NZ native plants), uses spiritual dowsing techniques, crystals and also works closely with angels and Arch Angels to help clients move into a balanced and calm place where healing can occur.

Sun Salute Yoga Studio
Saturday 1 August

2.00 – 3.30 pm
Cuppa tea provided
Free of charge

021 163 8850

July 10, 2015

Women’s Circle – Pregnancy Yoga

An empowering space to support and celebrate
natural pregnancy and motherhood.

Conducted as an holistic pre-natal class, we are offering mums-to-be time and space to connect to themselves, their babies and to each other, to nourish body, mind and soul and to learn practical advice for pre and post-natal care.

These workshops are conducted by both Kata Bagyon-Parker and Victoria West, teachers here at Sun Salute who also have their own practices and clients. Both women are experienced in working with pregnancy yoga and have children of their own. They are delighted to bring you these workshops and have created a beautiful programme for you of movement, meditation and interesting topics. Victoria writes:

“As women we have the privilege to carry and birth our future generation. Let us fully nurture ourselves and our babies-to-be, so that we may give birth to our brightest future!”

The workshop runs over almost 3 hours and incorporates the following:

Antenatal Yoga
a gentle, mindful way to strengthen
the body and prepare for birth

Health Dance
a joyful technique for pelvic floor fitness
and hormonal balance

Health professionals
Tea will be served followed by a guest speaker
on topics such as, Gentle Birth, Hypno-birthing,
Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Massage, Nutritional advice and more.

Selected Sundays (see below)
10:30am – 1:15pm
Please ring or send an email to book in. Bookings are essential

> 26 July – with speaker Caterina of Koru Self Development on Hyno-birthing

> 13 Sept – with speaker Sheena Thompson of Fit 4 Consumption – specialist in nutrition for pregnancy.

> 01 Nov – with Dianne Warren of Dynamics Homeopathy

> 29 Nov – speaker to be advised

Upcoming speakers: Dianne Warren; Homeopath Dynamics Homeopathic Clinic, Sheena; Nutritionist Fit 4 Consumption, The Osteopath Clinic, La Leche League and more. Speakers dates to be confirmed.

Please bring a cushion with you and wear comfortable clothing. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Women at any stage of pregnancy are welcome to attend. We invite you to enquire further and hope you enjoy all that these wonderful workshops have to offer.