Ashtanga and General Hatha Yoga

July 6, 2011

Namaste and welcome to Sun Salute

We are a small, friendly studio dedicated to teaching the art of Ashtanga yoga. Daily classes are available in traditional Ashtanga and also complimentary Hatha classes, meditation sessions and more. We’re based on Grey St in the heart of Hamilton East village.

On this Home page you’ll find updates, announcements and general news.

Beginners may come to most classes, but please ring, email or text message first to confirm suitability. You don’t need to do a course to start classes but if you would like to, the next Ashtanga Beginners course starts here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

April 23, 2014

Yes there is yoga this ANZAC weekend

Just want to let you know that there will be a class this ANZAC day Friday, 9:15 – 10:30am. It is led and suitable for people of small experience as it is not too long, we take an easy Friday vibe and theres lots of advice and encouragement.  Please note there is NO mums n bubs class though!
There will also be regular old-hard-working-joyful Mysore class Saturday 8 – 10am. Come and practice and have a coffee with us in the Autumn sun afterwards.

March 30, 2014

Kiri Sutherland Workshop May 2014

Kiri Sutherland has agreed to come to Hamilton and give a 6 day workshop in May. In the past few years Kiri has taught all over the North Island and also the Pacific Islands and Australia. Kiri resides in Hawkes Bay and makes regular visits to Mysore India to study at the Ashtanga Institute.

Kiri is a wonderful teacher and person, advanced and experienced in teaching practitioners of all levels. She has a lightness and humour that makes her teaching style really accessible. You can check out more on Kiri on her blogsite and also via the internet in general.

Intensives such as these are rare and wonderful opportunities to bring your practice to a new level and to inject some often much needed energy and new understanding.

FRIDAY 2nd May  -  WEDNESDAY 7th May

FRIDAY  led class and intro – 5.30-7pm

SATURDAY  Mysore style – 8-10am

SATURDAY  12-3pm Kiri’s tips on essential alignment for comfortable and steady change in the ashtanga sequence. Followed by tips and tricks for tight shoulders and hips within the sequence + some useful complementary stretches (this session includes a 15 minute tea break).

SUNDAY Mysore style 9 – 11am

MONDAY to WEDNESDAY 6 – 8am Mysore classes

>Weekend (1 led and 2 mysore plus tech) $115 prepaid/all inclusive
>Drop in session – $25 mysore / $50 tech
>Mon-Wed only $60 all 3 or drop in $25
>“Everything” $170 special prepaid price


February 19, 2014

Beginners Course this weekend

There has been a change to the Intro to Ashtanga course this weekend 22 February – it now starts on the Saturday:

Saturday 11 – 12:45pm
Sunday 9 – 10:30am
Monday (or Thursday) 5:30 – 6:30

There are still a few places left. Book in!

January 24, 2014

Katie’s Hatha classes to start February 10th

Hi all – except for the 7:15 – 8:15 pm class Monday night, which has already started, all other Hatha classes taken by Katie won’t start back February 10th.  Monday 27th Feb is a public holiday, so no classes at all.  Dee to take Monday evening Hatha on 3rd Feb as Katie is away till the 9th.

Tony’s Hatha class starts back this week.

See you soon!

January 9, 2014

Kia Ora 2014

Hi everyone and welcome back. I hope 2014 provides some new hope and trust in the direction life takes you in, it’s many twists, turns and surprises. It’s nice to lay down some hopes and dreams at this time, some ‘new years resolutions’. I wonder what yours are…

If they are to attend regular yoga classes, well you’re on the right road.  You can check out the TIMETABLE page for how/when classes start back.

If you are new to the studio and/or new to yoga – a warm welcome. Please have a good read of the website and send an email with any questions.

So, in the spirit of encouraging you to your yoga practice and warmly welcoming you back I’d like to repeat a part of a post I wrote last year after Peter Sanson attended our studio in February. We are lucky enough to have Peter come again this February: Friday 28th – Sunday 2nd March. Let’s get on the mat!


…Peter Sanson attracts many dedicated (serious) practitioners from far and wide where ever he is. It’s a great opportunity to experience this and be amongst them. And he has spent many many years learning the original way of this practice under the watchful eye of our late Guruji; Sri K Patabois Jois. As students of this practice it is provident of us to endeavour to study with Peter whenever we can.

Peter generally gives a talk at his workshops and very often the following theme comes up:  to practice a little, very regularly. Perhaps 5 or 6 days a week lay out your mat and stand with attention at Samastihihi and resolve to move steadily and mindfully through one Sun Salute A…..and from there, if possible, another one….and then if your energy allows, another one. And from there let the practice unfold, listening to your breath and keeping a steady gaze…..As Peter says, In this way, we practice.

Ashtanga yoga is a practice of mindfulness, of being present with what is arising (as all yoga practice is). It just happens to be a very gritty and physically challenging pursuit! But a little at a time. So, in this way, we practice.

The studio is always here for you, steady, quiet, clean in which to work either in a class or a self-practice session (or even upon arrangement, at another time suited to you). We will welcome you warmly with a little encouragement here and there….and as Guruji would say (pre Nike days of course) ‘You do!”